Kamal Ahmed

Kamal  Ahmed, a media personality, music connoisseur & eminent singer [1] in Bangladesh.[2] He is better known as a devoted & noted Tagore Singer in addition to his responsibilities of a capable executive in Bangladesh Betar & Bangladesh Television. He is a passionate and melodious singer in Tagore Song category in Bangladesh. He has a very special voice of depth and tune in Tagore Song, which he got by nature and having developed by himself through a regular and dedicated practice and devotion in singing. He has shown his efficiency in Classical and Modern Song as well. He is an enlisted “Special Grade” singer of Bangladesh Betar & Bangladesh Television.[3] He was born to Md. Kiam Uddin Biswas and Aziza Khatun on 9 September 1965 at village Khonkra on Pabna district in Bangladesh. Currently, he is holding the post of Director, External Services, Bangladesh Betar.

Ever since his childhood, Kamal Ahmed was a meritorious student with keen interest in music. Learning music for him was not that easy as there was dearth of qualified music teachers in his locality and his father was averse to in part music lessons to him. But he had an itch for music that enthused him to learn songs by listening to music programmes broadcast from Radio. As a music loving teenager he became involved with a group of cultural activists in the community and participated in music competitions to earn appreciations from the people, which led him to learn music seriously despite parental disliking.

However, after passing H S C Examinations from Pabna Edward college in 1982, Kamal Ahmed got an opportunity to study Soil Science in Dhaka University. That was the turning point for him to be associated with “Chhayanat”, an iconic cultural organization committed to build up music talents, especially Tagore Singers. There he came closure to veteran Tagore Singers like Wahidul Haque, Sanjida Khatun, Ikhtiar Omar, Serajus Salekin and others. He received lessons on classical music as well from Ustad Phool Mohammad. In his student life in Dhaka University, he was one of the members of Board of Directors of DUCSU Cultural Team. He represented the cultural troops of DUCSU to perform Tagore songs in Kolkata University and Kalyani University in India in the 1980s.

Kamal Ahmed elected “Cultural Secretary“of Hall Union & won as “Champion” of cultural week of Shahidullah Hall, Dhaka University.

He is the former adviser of “Rabindra Sangeet Shammilon Parishad”. Now he is Secretary General of “9th BCS Forum”.[4][5]

Prior to begin his career in Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS), he opted for Information Cadre as his first choice and joined Bangladesh Betar in 1991 to groom himself as a competent officer in the electronic media of Bangladesh Government. Till date, he had worked 23 years in Bangladesh Betar and 3 years in Bangladesh Television. Having a Master’s degree from Dhaka University and a wide range of professional trainings on Mass Communication, Mass Communication Research, Networking and Programme Development for electronic mass media, he has been delivering his responsibilities with a positive team spirit and with a mission to build up and implement plans of the government for socio-economic upliftment in a fast growing country.

Kamal Ahmed is an iconic music enthusiast. Music is his passion. A good many of his music albums are based on Tagore songs. Besides performing regularly on Bangladesh Betar and Bangladesh Television, and different other satellite T V channels in the country

He Performed Tagore Songs in India,[6] Sri Lanka & Canada. He also performed at Indira Gandhi Cultural Centre Solo Program [7][8][9][10][11] & National Museum Solo Program[12][13][14][15][16] & Rajshahi Betar Shilpee Shangstha Solo Program.[17] [18][19][20][21]

He traveled widely in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia on Professional assignments

Prominent Tagore Singer Kamal Ahmed received several national & international awards. These are :

01. Kamal won Bangobandhu Research Foundation Podok’ in 2015.[22]

02. SAARC Cultural Society Award[23]

03. Adwaitia Mallabarman Award (2017), From Maharaja Beerbikram University, India.[24][25][26][27][28]

04. Beer Shaheed Dhirendranath Dutta Award (2017), From Agartala, Tripura, India.[29][30][31]

05. FOBANA Award (2017), From Canada.[32][33][34][35][36][37][38]

06. Rajshahi Betar Shilpee Shangstha Shammanona 2018.[39] [40][41]

Kamal Ahmed has released 15 music albums  to his credit on Tagore Songs, Modern Songs, Golden Songs from the Past and Song of three Poets .The titles of the albums are-

  1. Shada Megher Bhela (2007) -Tagore Songs.[42]
  2. Nana Ronger Dinguli (2008) -Tagore Songs.
  3. Poth Chawatei Ananda (2009) -Tagore Songs.
  4. Falguner Dine (2010) -Tagore Songs.[43]
  5. Nishshobdo Charane (2011) -Tagore Songs. (Mixed Album)
  6. Godhuli (2012) – A Tribute to Kishore Kumar.
  7. Kan Pete Roi (2013) -Tagore Songs.
  8. Bendechhi Amar Pran (2014) -Tagore Songs.[44]
  9. Bhora Thak Smritishudhay (2015) -Tagore Songs.[45][46]
  10. Odhora (2016) – Modern Songs.
  11. Gaaner Toree (2016) – Songs of three Poets.
  12. Baluka Belay (2016)- A Tribute to Hemanta Mukherji
  13. Nidrahara Rater Gan ( 2016) -Tagore Songs.
  14. Durer Bondhu (2016) -Tagore Songs.[47]
  15. Mohakabyer Kobi (2016)- A Tribute to Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.[48]

Kamal Ahmed is a sincere patronizer  in enriching Bangla Song, especially Tagore Songs. He tries his best to maintain authenticity of lyrics and tunes. He believes – “We can never explore the wholesome of Rabindranath Tagore through diffusing his songs only, we must also study Tagore’s life, literature, thoughts and ideas.”

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