Kamal Ahmed launches digital archive chronicling his musical journey | The Daily Star

Renowned musician Kamal Ahmed has officially launched a digital archive to preserve and showcase his musical journey.

Kamal Ahmed, who is mainly a Rabindra Sangeet singer, delves into making contemporary music every once in a while. He is currently serving as the deputy director general (program) of Bangladesh Betar.

Through this comprehensive platform, Kamal aims to integrate all aspects of his musical career, offering audiences from home and abroad access to his songs, achievements, audio, video, documentaries, and media activities.

Expressing his thoughts on this initiative, Kamal Ahmed stated, “Throughout my career in music and media, I have encountered various challenges. However, with the support of my audience, I have reached this point today. Consolidating my endeavours onto one platform became essential and this platform ensures authenticity amidst the proliferation of misinformation on digital platforms.”

Versedsoft Ltd, a software development company, is in charge of providing technological support for the development of Kamal Ahmed’s digital archive, the singer informed.

Fahim Faisal, the managing director of Versedsoft Ltd, emphasised the importance of personalised platforms for individuals and organisations in the media industry. He highlighted the significance of staying updated and reducing cybersecurity risks through dedicated platforms.

The “Digital Archive of Kamal Ahmed” encompasses a wide range of information, including the artiste’s biography, songs, albums, photographs, news, interviews, awards, achievements, and events.

Audiences can explore the archive by visiting his official website.

Published: 24 April, 2024

Source: Daily Star

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