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Indira Gandhi Cultural Centre, Dhaka organizes the spectacular programme on Tagore’s songs, poems on love and rain

Artistes Kamal Ahmed and Farzana Karim have enthralled the audience at a cultural soiree at Chhayanaut auditorium in the capital. Indira Gandhi cultural Centre, Dhaka organised the spectacular programme on Tagore’s songs and poems on love and rain on Sunday evening.

Kamal Ahmed performed 10 songs at the programme. Moreover, a poem was recited after the performance of each song, which was chosen by matching the theme of the songs performed by Kamal Ahmed. This combination of singing and recitation was highly praised by the audience.

In the beginning, Kamal Ahmed performed “Borshonmondrito Ondhokare Eshechhi Tomari E Dware”, and Farzana Karim recited “Boroshar Rup Heri Manober Majhe”.

Before the melody of the songs was fading in the audience’s hearts, Farzana Karim’s mesmerising recitation of the poems were taking the audience to a whole different world.
This impeccable dual performance on a rainy evening without any interval added a different level to this programme.

The artiste duo accompanied by Sunil Chandra Das on violin, Nasir Ahmed on guitar, Robins Chowdhury on Keyboard, Iftekhar Alam Dolar on Tabla and Bidyut Ray on octopod.

Published: 03 July, 2024

Source: Daily Sun

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