The audience were enthralled by the performance of artist Kamal Ahmed and Farzana Karim, organized by Indira Gandhi cultural centre, Indian High Commission | THE USA ALL

A spectacular programme on Rabindranath Tagore’s songs and poems on love and rain was organized by Indira Gandhi cultural centre, Indian High Commission, Dhaka on 30 June, 2024, Sunday, 7:00 pm at the auditorium of Chhayanaut. Kamal Ahmed did 10 songs in total.

Moreover, a poem was recited after the performance of each song, which was chosen by matching the theme of the songs performed by Kamal Ahmed. This combination of singing and recitation was highly praised by the audiences. In the beginning, singer Kamal Ahmed performed Borshonmondrito Ondhokare Eshechhi Tomari E Dware, and Farzana Karim recited Boroshar Rup Heri Manober Majhe. The songs Nishi Na Pohate Jibonoprodip Jwalaiya Jao Priya, Bohujuger O Par Hote Ashar Elo, Amar Porano Jaha Chay Tumi Tai Go, Badol Diner Prothom Kodom Ful Tumi Korechho Dan, Amar Jibonpatro Uchchholiya Madhuri Korechho Dan, Emon Dine Tare Bola Jay, Emon Ghonoghor Borishay, Bhora Thak Smritisudhay Bidayer Patrokhani and Chhaya Ghonaichhe Bone Bone Gogone Gogone Dake Deya were performed respectively. The awe-inspiring song Aji Jhorer Rate Tomar Obhisar, Poranshokha Bondhu He Amar was the final melody of this programme. Before the melody of the songs were fading in the audiences’ hearts, Farzana Karim’s mesmerizing recitation of the poems were taking the audience to a whole different world. One after another, she recited Kotha Chhilo Ek-Torite Kebol Tumi Ami, Asharsondhya Ghoniye Elo, Gelo Re Din Boye, Sundor, Tumi Eshechhile Aj Prate Orun-Boron Parijat Loye Hate, Tomare Dakinu Jobe Kunjobone Tokhono Amer Bone Gondho Chhilo, Potrolekha- Dile Tumi Sona Mora Fountain Pen and Kotomoto Lekhar Ashbab. Hothat Dekha- Railgarir Kamray Hothat Dekha, Bhabi Ni Sombhob Hobe Konodin was recited at the end of the programme.

The instrumentalists Sunil Chandra Das (violin), Nasir Ahmed (guitar), Robins Chowdhury (Keyboard), Iftekhar Alam Dolar (Tabla) and Bidyut Ray (octopad) also performed in this programme.

This impeccable dual performance on a rainy evening without any interval added a different level to this programme. The monsoon was showing its own appearance since morning. Sometimes it was drizzling, and sometimes it was raining heavily and was overflowing the surroundings. Sometimes, there were flashes of light in the sky, and sometimes, there was the wave of rain. The surroundings were saying, Ogo, Aj Tora Jash Ne Ghorer Baire. Still, audiences of varied professions came to Chhayanaut of Dhanmondi to listen to music and poem recitations. Some were drenching by the pleasure of music and poems, some were bathing by it. The traditional, semi-circular auditorium of the first floor was filled with audiences. The invited guests were enchanted by the one hour twenty minute dual performance of Kamal Ahmed and Farzana Karim. An organization of music and poems like this rejuvenates us, tranquils our mind amidst our busy urban life

Published: 7 July, 2024


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